Strategic Marketing Consultancy

Invest in strategic advice and practical support to help you to run your marketing effectively, efficiently and confidently.

We consult on a wide range of marketing projects and problems, tailoring our expertise to your business’ needs to help you progress, improve and succeed.

Our consultancy varies in format depending on your business, but is most often delivered as advice and guidance, or as practical project management.

Because we become experts in a business when developing its Brand Strategy or Service and Product Communications, clients often ask us to provide ad hoc consultancy during and after delivering these services.

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Feel more confident and in control with an expert in your corner. We’ll help you identify quick wins, solve persistent problems and improve specific areas of your marketing.

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You need Strategic Marketing Consultancy if:

  • you need to access director-level, strategic marketing expertise, either to solve a specific problem or on a regular basis
  • you have an urgent or important marketing project that needs to be delivered on-time, to a high standard
  • you need an expert to monitor and assess the ongoing execution of your brand
  • you are the only marketer in the organisation, and you need a fellow professional to be a critical friend
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“My young business has been growing organically and LOCK's input provided some much needed clarity and focus for my efforts going forward.

For business owners like me, who often follow their gut, I highly recommend using LOCK for a more objective audit of your offering to clearly spot areas of opportunity and maximise your marketing potential to reach new audiences. The concise advice and the way you will be listened to and understood is second to none.”

Caroline Boyd, Founder, Boy Oh Boy Designs

Types of Strategic Marketing Consultancy

Strategic marketing advice and guidance

With a combined 30 years’ experience, we can use our broad and deep marketing knowledge to:

  • review your current marketing activity and recommend improvements
  • propose bespoke strategies for specific areas of marketing, for example your pricing, your social media activity or your online presence
  • act as a sounding board and help you to generate ideas

Most often, we advise you through written guidance, insightful reports with actionable recommendations or online meetings.

Illustration of two marketing consultants and a client sitting at a table strategic marketing consultancy

Marketing communications project management

As highly experienced project managers and copywriters, we can help you produce high-quality communications collateral in print or digital formats.

We combine an analytical, logical approach with creative flair to craft clear, compelling, target-driven communications that articulate complex information impactfully.

If needed, we can then brief and manage specialist suppliers or collaborate with your in-house team to design and produce high-quality collateral in your desired format. Most often we help clients create:

  • promotional collateral like print adverts and brand hero videos
  • corporate literature like impact reports or annual reports
  • investment brochures and pitch decks
Illustration of a marketing consultant meeting with clients strategic marketing consultancy

Brand guardianship

If we have worked with you to develop your brand strategy then we can act as brand guardians, blending in-depth knowledge of your business and its brand with our valuable external perspective and expertise.

Whether it’s by reviewing marketing activity and campaigns for brand accuracy, attending regular board meetings or mentoring your marketing staff, we’ll ensure your brand is implemented consistently and accurately so it generates sustained value for your business.

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How much does it cost?


per hour

We charge an hourly rate of £100 per director. Our consultancy is flexible and tailored to your needs, whether that’s a one-off or regular session, or a specific project.

Find out more about how we charge in our honest pricing guide.