Service and Product Communications

To attract and convert customers, you need to communicate your business’ offer to them clearly and impactfully.

When you’re fully immersed in your business, it can be difficult to see it from your customer’s perspective. That’s why many businesses end up communicating their service or product offering in a way that makes perfect sense internally, but is difficult for customers to understand.

If potential customers can’t understand your offer quickly and easily, they’ll go elsewhere (and you’ll have wasted valuable marketing budget trying to engage them).

Our Service and Product Communications service will help you attract and convert more customers by creating a clear, logical structure for your service or product portfolio, alongside engaging communications content that will appeal to your customers.

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You’ll get clear, logical and appealing communications that make it easy for your customers to understand exactly what your business does and the value it offers them.

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Improved service or product communications will help you to:

  • attract more of the right customers
  • generate enquiries
  • have easier sales conversations
  • improve conversion rates
  • improve your marketing ROI
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“We engaged LOCK to provide strategic communications expertise in support of the re-launch of our platform, and of our communications around it.

LOCK's experience and methodological approach proved extremely valuable. The entire team was impressed by their ability to rapidly and comprehensively understand our complex industry.

The first concrete output of this work has just been released in the form of a video animation, and we are already seeing a positive impact both in terms of engagement with the content and in enquiries regarding our platform and services.”

Martin Scott, Co-founder, Crowdhelix

Our Service and Product Communications process


Every project begins with a discovery stage in which we work closely with you to develop a thorough, well-rounded understanding of your business, its products or services and its customers.

We also research your competitors to ensure we remain consistent with any market requirements or conventions while differentiating your business where it matters. This stage lays the necessary groundwork for the next stages of the project.

Most often this service is delivered alongside a Brand Strategy project, which reduces the total cost as the discovery stage has already been done.

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Service and Product Communications planning

We use our discovery insights to simplify, streamline and organise your business’ product or service portfolio, creating a clear structure that will make sense to your customers.

As expert copywriters, we synthesise complex information about your offer and articulate it clearly and impactfully, developing communications content and messaging frameworks that encourage your customers to connect with it.

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To ensure you’re fully confident using your offer structure and communications content, we conduct a comprehensive handover with you. We tailor our handover to your requirements, whether it’s a meeting with you, a presentation to your senior team or running a training session for your marketing team.


It’s crucial that your website reflects your new service or product structure and communications so it can act as a strong single source of truth to which all your other marketing activity can direct.

We can implement your service or product communications across your business’ website and other customer touchpoints accurately, consistently and to the highest standard. Find out more about our Strategic Marketing Implementation service.

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How much does it cost?


Service and Product Communications projects start from £2,000 (not including discovery stage) or £4,400 (including discovery stage). We price on a case-by-case basis because the outputs and time required vary.

Find out more about how we charge in our honest pricing guide.