Increasing a small business’ return on marketing investment

Client: Mesen

Services delivered:

Mesen is an online fashion accessories retailer selling high-quality, handmade, eco-conscious women’s handbags and purses at accessible prices.

The challenge

As a small online business, Mesen’s goals were to find more customers, increase brand awareness and improve return on marketing investment.

They were busy implementing marketing tactics on a daily basis, including developing an email newsletter, undertaking paid social advertising and adding delightful touches to customer-facing processes. However, they felt their approach was ad hoc and time-consuming. They asked LOCK to provide consultancy on how to prioritise and coordinate their practical marketing activity.

Our solution

Following an initial consultation, we carried out a comprehensive marketing audit for Mesen. This process resulted in an objective report that presented a clear overview of Mesen’s current position and identified which tactical activities were delivering value and which weren’t.

Our report also included a development plan comprising straightforward, practical advice for Mesen to enhance their marketing. We provided clear, step-by-step instructions to help Mesen improve user experience on their website, establish a more robust online presence on third-party review sites and restructure their email newsletter for maximum engagement.

The marketing audit also highlighted that Mesen lacked a full brand strategy, and so was failing to maximise the potential value of their brand. We worked with Mesen to create a brand strategy that provided essential broader direction for the business’ marketing, incorporated their existing visual identity and established a distinctive verbal identity.

The result

“Before meeting with Ces and Lydia, I had done a lot of work in terms of our branding and vision before launch, but didn’t have a clear idea of what our brand values were, or how that translated into a marketing strategy. Together, we designed a bespoke package of work that would help us improve Mesen’s brand strategy and marketing approach.

LOCK’s marketing health check gave us a useful report which I now refer back to when I need to assume a more strategic role when planning our marketing. The health check report also included quick, practical actions we could take to improve user experience on our website and establish a presence on third-party review sites to gain customer trust.

The health check also highlighted how developing a full brand strategy could provide crucial long-term direction for our business activities. The brand strategy LOCK developed for Mesen has made making marketing decisions much easier, helping us juggle and prioritise different tasks. It has also reduced the amount of time I need to spend on copywriting and marketing, as it helped to find Mesen’s voice and identity.

Following the implementation of LOCK’s advice, we had a significant increase in our sales. I’m delighted with the quality of LOCK’s work, and really enjoyed working with them. They were friendly, supportive and encouraging throughout our collaboration. It’s reassuring to know that there’s a team I can turn to for marketing advice and guidance that understands my business and is enthusiastic about its success.”

Tina Morse, Managing Director, Mesen